The StreeXB Ambassador program explained (StreeXB Talent Scout)

The world has billions of people and mixed among the masses are talented entertainers. You often hear the term; he/she discovered a major talent. The reality is that there are a minuscule number of people on the planet that are in a position to discover talent. Even if someone comes across an amazing talent, most people would not know what to do, or where to send them to help them advance their music career. So each and every day talented artists in every country, in every part of the world, miss the opportunity to share their gift of music.

The StreeXB Ambassadors mission is to find talent and direct them to StreeXB. Once the newly discovered talent joins StreeXB, they’ll have the tools, training and mentoring they need that will lead them to a successful career in the music industry.

The StreeXB Ambassador program can generate full time or part time income.

Sammie Jay620x315Ambassadors will enjoy and extensive online training program and will learn the finer points of

  • identifying talent
  • how to direct the talent to the correct resources within StreeXB platform
  • teach the artist how to earn extra income in the music industry, even if they have not produced any music

Like the word Ambassador implies you can be an StreeXB Ambassador and direct talent from 90% of the world. So this is an equal opportunity for someone in the United States as it is for someone living in the Philippines. Because StreeXB offers training and support via our online training platform, artists can benefit and receive training and support from anywhere in the world.

The Indiegogo Lifetime Ambassador program is available now. You’ll save thousands!

StreeXB Ambassador (Lifetime) is now available through Indiegogo. It’s the intention of StreeXB to only offer the lifetime Ambassador program this one time. People purchasing the Indiegogo perk will get.

  • Their own customized StreeXB Ambassador landing page (Valued at $499.97 per year)
    • includes lifetime hosting and maintenance
    • one information update per year for their landing page (Valued at $79.00 per year)
    • 3 hosted videos
    • Integration into the StreeXB communication platform
    • Once per year inclusion in the featured Ambassador section of the SteeXB newsletter (Valued at $99.00)
    • Integrated Artist and Fan signup system
    • Your own custom URL (subject to availability)
  • Lifetime access to the Indie Artist hub Smartmembers site. (Valued at $99.97 per year)
  • Lifetime Ambassador Access to concerts and Live training’s (Qualified events will be announced)
  • Earn up to a 50% commission on all membership packages sold to Indie Artists and Fans

i-D Vice - BlackaliciousThere’s even more that we’ve not listed.

This package is valued at more than $679.00 per year. If you’re an active StreeXB Ambassador for just 5 years you would have paid $3,395.00 but because you’re fortunate to have picked up the StreeXB, Indiegogo special you’ve saved $2,895.00.

Think of how much you’ll have saved in 10 years or 20 years. The Lifetime Ambassador package is an amazing once in a lifetime value.

The Indiegogo StreeXB Ambassador Lifetime program is yours for a…

One time payment of only $499.97

The Ambassador Lifetime gives you the opportunity to launch your own career into the music industry.

The Indiegogo StreeXB Ambassador Lifetime makes a great gift

Give the gift of a career to your children, your grandchildren or anyone that you know that loves music and would want to have a career in the music industry. It’s a gift that will last a lifetime.


Michael Ray 620x315FAQs

Q: What do I have to do to become an Ambassador?

A: Enroll with StreeXB and upgrade to the Ambassador program.

Q: Are there other requirements?

A: Yes you must complete the online training program and sign the terms of service and the ethical standards agreement

Q: How much money can I make?

A: Ambassador’s earn a 50% commission. So if you sell a $200.00 membership you’d earn $100.00

Q: What currency am I paid in?

A: US Dollars.












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