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Singer/songwriter Sophia Black is preparing for the release of her self-titled debut EP  “Anchor.”

The synth-pop gem is mesmerising, be prepared to be captivated by her dreamy voice.

Her soft vocals, the simple melody and strong beat the track bears it’s unmistakable influence.

With the gunpower of Kemosabe Records (who also has Kesha on their roster) behind her, Sophia Black is likely to be hitting the airwaves with greater frequency this year.

Shopia Black is a 20 year old, fluent in French and Japanese, and has released just three songs to date. The LA-based artist has been penning tunes since she was 12 and is now signed to Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records, and what’s more pertinent though is Black’s collaboration with awesome English electronicist SOHN, alongside fellow producer Billboard to create “Anchor.” It is a breathy synth-pop cut boasting a sheeny chorus, as instantly appealing as any of Lorde’s greatest hits. I’ll be keen to see how her sound develops in the coming months – perhaps  more great producers are waiting in the wings?

Go through the whole post to read the whole interview on Sophia Black and watch her EP videos

I read that Dr. Luke signed you when you were really young.
I got discovered when I was 13. Well, if you want to bring it way back, I got discovered when I was like 11 or 12 and then I met Luke when I was about 13 or 14 and got signed.

That’s a long period between being signed and releasing your EP. Are you relieved that it’s finally out there?
At first, I was really like… not frustrated, but I really wanted stuff to be out as soon as I signed. But I’m kind of glad that that didn’t happen because you’re not the same person as you are when you’re 14 as when you’re 20.

It sounds like you did a pop apprenticeship!
Yeah. I don’t think it was ever meant to be that way, but I finished high school.

Did any of your very early material make the album?
The early stuff… I think there are a couple songs that I want to revisit and hopefully put on the album, but as far as this EP goes, no. It’s just songs that I’ve written in the past couple years.

are you writing for other people before your EP was released?
To be honest, no. I was super focused on finding what my sound was, but in the past, I want to say year and a half, I’ve been writing for some people.

Would you like to do more of that moving forward?
Oh, yeah. Absolutely. I just love to write lyrics.

You said that you only started writing after you got signed. What was on that demo tape that Dr. Luke heard?
I’ll tell you the whole story. I got signed when I was 11 to a development deal with Sony Japan.













Speaking of conceptual, one thing I loved about your EP is that it tells a story.
Thank you. I wanted to order the songs so that if you listen to them from start to finish, it sounds like a musical audio book.

I love a (kind of) happy ending. Were the songs based on personal experiences?
Yeah, absolutely. Most of the time, I write about things that have happened to me in my life or things I’m feeling at that moment.

ou said that you see music as images. Can you elaborate on that?
I’m glad you asked that. Someone once said that I write in pictures and that’s how I describe my writing.

Kemosabe is a real hit factory, Did you ever feel any pressure to make more accessible music?
The good thing about my team and everyone I’m surrounded with is that they just want me to make good music.

How do you re-create a song like “Mizu” live?
One thing I really like is when artists make live music sound like the track as much as possible.

Kind of! Ok, lucky last question. Who do you think is making great pop music at the moment?
I say this in every interview, and everyone is probably sick of hearing it, but I loveHiatus Kaiyote.

StreeXB extends special thanks to Idolator for the article. Click here to find out a little bit more about what makes her tick and how her parents’ influence is integral to where her sound’s at now.

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