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Epic Rap Battles Of History are bringing their high energy blend of music and comedy to the live stage!

The show features the most popular rap battles performed live with a DJ and full band, improvised comedy, interactive songs and audience volunteers brought on stage to be part of the show.

With over 12 million subscribers to their youtube channel, and nearly two billion plays worldwide this is a special chance to see them live on stage for the first time.

Creators Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd will guide the audience through history, music and their journey to becoming one of the most successful series in all of new media.

The two credited creators of the Epic Rap Battles of History - Nice Peter And EpicLloyd, they normally only use famous figures throughout history for their series, but they concluded their season with the two creators rapping it out for popular fan requests. It’s become increasingly apparent in today’s modern world of YouTube stardom that simply doing your own thing is no longer enough. Sure, you can be a talented comedienne, but you would do well to get out and film some sketches with other YouTube comic stars. If you play an instrument or sing, chances are you should seek out other musicians and collaborate on a song together. And if you have a really fantastic idea for some sketches, you should get some other popular actors and stars to fill some of the supporting roles. This kind of collaborative spirit is what is really bolstering the online fame right now.

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Epic Rap Battles of History is among the most popular YouTube channels, with 12.5 million subscribers who regularly watch the hilarious videos that pit the likes of Steve Jobs against Bill Gates, Adolf Hitler against Darth Vader and Barack Obama against Mitt Romney.

Created by and starring Nice Peter and EpicLloyd, who play the primary characters in each of the clips, Epic Rap Battles of History has had more than 3 billion total views since 2010.

Each video averages 10 million to 30 million views, and some become YouTube sensations, six having had more than 80 million views, with Obama vs. Romney garnering 110 million views.

The duo’s favorite battles to do live include Nicola Tesla vs. Thomas Edison, Rick Grimes vs. Walter White and Bob Ross vs. Pablo Picasso, which moves right into Mozart vs. Skrillex.

EBR came about after the duo, who had worked together in a touring improv-comedy troupe, had settled in L.A. about a decade ago to take their shots in the entertainment industry.

Nice Peter got a job as a songwriter at L.A.’s Maker Studios and was encouraged to put his work up on YouTube. EpicLloyd opened the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica in a show that included comedic rap battles.

“He was telling me about that, and I was telling him about the YouTube channel, and it made sense to try it,” Peter said. “The final element was my little YouTube audience, who came up with the name for it and has provided guidance since the start.”

The battles started as a one-mic, one-laptop recording project. But as the battles between celebrity figures — some real, some not, a la Jack the Ripper vs. Hannibal Lector — grew, so did the production.

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