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Outside of hip-hop, 2015 has been a bit of a lackluster year in terms of major releases. But we haven’t just been sitting here twiddling our thumbs thanks to a surplus of hungry pop newcomers like ASHA, Izzy Bizu and Dua Lipa

These past few weeks have been particularly loaded with killer tracks from emerging talents.

So we’ve rounded up six songs from up-and-coming artists that are stealing our attention away as we wait for blockbusters.

2014 was a great year for pop music, with artists as diverse as La Roux, Hannah Diamond, Banks, and Sia all making music that was accessible but still interesting and unique. With the mainstream becoming more open and accepting of non-traditional pop stars, and genres blending and informing each other like never before, we’re already excited for what’s going to happen this year. Here are The next big pop sensation to look out for in 2015.

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The tyranny of the reboot is plaguing TV and movies, as the nostalgia craved by internet dwellers is easily turned into bankable franchising opportunities by corporations. And music isn’t immune to the rebooting phenomenon, facing a similar problem with dinosaurs that refuse to go extinct.

No longer does an artist just retire or stick to the legacy touring circuit. No, there are reunions, hologram tours, comeback albums, second comeback albums, Vegas residencies, biopics. There are loads of profits to be made from built-in, loyal stanbases, so we’re getting to the point where immobile rockers are propped onstage when they should be sitting on actual rockers on some country patio, where fallen divas with vocal chords as creaky as their knees try to scale the pop mountain once more only to trigger an avalanche. It is dire out there.

ASHA — “Chapters”

There’s a little bit of Jessie Ware in ASHA’s sultry pop&B, but there’s more London grit in her voice, more edge (as is apparent from her piercings and half-buzzed hair).









Izzy Bizu — “Give Me Love”

In this era of hyper-stylized electronic productions and murky soundscapes, London newcomer Izzy Bizu is a bright anomaly.








Dua Lipa — “New Love”

Mainstream pop music is becoming more and more about the producers, but songs like “New Love” demonstrate what happens when you get a special voice on the mic.








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