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While performing at the Apple Music Festival in London Tuesday evening and putting on another great show, Harry Styles couldn’t help but have something big on his mind.

Harry took a break from his set list to let his audience know that his older sister Gemma Styles was actually on a date at their very concert!

In fact, Harry told his older sister and her fella to behave themselves.

And though he seemingly couldn’t spot them from the stage, we’re guessing Gemma’s cheeks must’ve been literally burning from the embarrassing brotherly shoutout.

The pop hunk, dressed in a loud pink polka dot shirt, joined his three band mates as they headlined a gig as part of the Apple Music Festival, supported by Little Mix.  For a split second during the concert he seemed distracted, we sympathized with him, knowing he might’ve been thinking about the band’s impending hiatus; something that’s been heavy on our minds as well. Or maybe he was finding it hard to focus on singing old songs after the band just made their exciting album announcement or quite possibly, he was simply bemused by his own pink polka dot shirt LOL. All of those explanations would’ve been perfectly understandable, but none of them were the culprit invading Harry’s thoughts. Rather, he was too preoccupied by a certain girl in the room. In between songs, Harry not-so-subtly called out his older sister, Gemma, and her date, who were apparently in the audience.

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Letting her hair loose: No doubt a little horrified about the singer’s remarks, Gemma was later seen enjoying a dance with a girlfriend as they sang loudly to 1D hits

He may be the one of the biggest pop sensations in the world, but that hasn’t stopped Harry Styles from being super protective when it comes to his loved ones.

During One Direction’s highly-anticipated set at Apple Music Festival on Tuesday, the 21-year-old frontman joked that he was keeping his eye on his sister Gemma, who had brought a date to their gig.

‘Sorry if I seem a little distracted,’ he told the buzzing crowd. ‘My sister is on a date. They’re up there somewhere… So just please behave yourselves, it’s disgusting.’

Hitting all those high notes: The British heartthrob showcased his vocal talents to the maxHitting all those high notes: The British heartthrob showcased his vocal talents to the max

Ahead of the show, supporting act Little Mix performed a show-stopper of a set to hundreds of lucky fans at the Roundhouse in London’s Camden.

Putting on a passionate performance, the girls showed off their impressive vocal ability and killer dance-moves as they got the crowds ready for 1D’s performance.

It’s been six months since Perrie Edward’s ex Zayn Malik quit the band to focus on being a ‘normal 22-year-old.’

StreeXB extends special thanks to Daily Mail UK for the article. Click here to read how protective little brother Harry Styles is and watch the video clip.

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