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Emily Kinney declares ‘This Is War’ On lively new single


The song is a fierce battle between musician exes.

Singer-songwriter and actress Emily Kinney has been working hard on her folk-pop career.

She continues to advance her musical career, releasing last week’s newest promotional single.


Emily Kinney may no longer be fleeing from zombies on The Walking Dead, but she’s still on the run from bad love, she has been writing and releasing her own music since 2011. This time she has new single:‘This Is War’, the song will be part of the third album of the blonde, who left the “The Walking Dead” series to devote exclusively to music. She is focusing on her career and spending the last few months touring the United States.

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Toward the end of last year, a part of actress Emily Kinney died. For four seasons, she had played The Walking Dead’s Beth Greene — the wide-eyed, singing-prone, optimistic daughter of a veterinarian farmer — but as is the show’s wont, her character met its less-than-natural conclusion in November.

Now Kinney is focusing on new roles, with appearances slated on Masters of Sex and The Knick, and a new album. For the past four years, the actress has been recording and releasing albums of emotive indie-pop on her own and has a new one — This Is War (available for digital and physical preorder) — slated to come out on October 2nd. She made the album knowing full well that after her run on one of TV’s biggest recent hits, it would be reaching a wider audience, but she didn’t let expectations faze her. Today, she’s premiering a new tune from the upcoming LP, “Birthday Cake,” which continues in the autobiographical, relationship-themed mold of songs from her prior release, 2014’s Expired Love.

Soft and acoustic, “Birthday Cake” finds Kinney singing to a man she’s crushing on and tells of how they eventually attempt a long-distance relationship after a romantic encounter at her birthday party, moving from making out to making love by the time he visits her in New York City. Kinney tells Rolling Stone that the reason it sounds so sweet and hopeful is because it’s based on a true story.

The thing that’s awkward, she says, is talking about her role with her parents and family who are ambivalently curious about the show. “It’s your mom and dad,” she says seriously. “They just don’t understand. My family was a little more, I guess, strict, about that stuff growing up. It’s awkward when your family and your aunts and uncles are like, ‘We wanna see that,’ and then I think maybe they don’t.”

But despite family awkwardness, she’s happily moving forward with both her acting and musical pursuits on her terms. Along with her acting schedule, Kinney has booked a few concerts to support her music.

In addition to an appearance at the Walking Dead–themed Walker Stalker Con later this month and a September record release gig in Los Angeles next month, Kinney has set up a special performance — related tangentially to “Birthday Cake” — on her 30th birthday, August 15th, at the Indiana State Fair. “I always think it’s a good time if you’re working on your birthday,” she says. “At least for actors and singers, I feel like it sets up the whole year. Just do what you like to do.”

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