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It’s been a decade since the last Blackalicous LP, but the influential hip-hop duo comprised of rapper Gift of Gab and producer Chief Xcel have come full-circle on their expansive new album, Imani, Vol. 1, which will be self-released on August 14th

When it comes to making their music, Blackalicious has a chemistry that is undeniably fierce.

Chief Xcel’s peerless production and Gab’s eclectic rhyme style is inspired by a range of artists so broad that even they cannot name everyone.

Fans can support the album, the first installment of a trilogy, by donating to the group’s PledgeMusic campaign.

It’s been ten years since Blackalicious dropped new music. Well, the group is back and have launched a Pledge Music to help fund their new album, Imani Vol. 1. The group has also released a new song called “On Fire Tonight”. Gab’s lyrical influences may have inspired him, but it is his own ingenuity that keeps the group on top of their game and the fans on the edge of their seats.

Go through the entire article to see the duo’s playlist and  read the details of their new album

Blackalicious are releasing their first album in 10 years and oh my god it sounds good! The nineties hip hop duo, Gift of Gab and Chief Xcel, are on fine form, with Gab’s lyrical dexterity undimmed and Xcel’s bouncing beats and brilliantly random instrument interludes as perfectly present as ever.

“When I got the news [about going on dialysis], there was a moment where it was a little dark, where I was questioning if I’m still gonna be able to do this,” Gab says, “But then I had the realisation that no one can ever take my creativity away. I realized that this is a circumstance that I’m temporarily gonna be dealing with, and that I have to make some adjustments for it, but that it doesn’t stop me from being a creative person. Once I realised that, I started to feel inspired and just threw myself into writing, and that became a big part of the fuel for this record.”

StreeXB extends special thanks to i-D Vice for the article. Click here to check out their upcoming singles and set lists.

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