StreeXB Global Talent SearchMinneapolis indie rockers group Carroll have displayed their talents since they emerged. 

Earlier this year the indie band went to a remote cabin somewhere isolated to work on with their demos.

Carroll is one of the most colorful, carefully honed acts in indie rock.

Perhaps most interestingly, they’re a case study in how four distinct creative voices can coalesce into one balanced, relentlessly engaging sound.

Indie rock band Carroll consists of four members: Brian Hurlow and Charlie Rudoy were college classmates,  after  some experimenting and tip-toeing through early gigs,  they brought  Max Kulicke and Charles McClung two talented artists in their own right, slid seamlessly into the line-up on guitar and bass, respectively. From there, Carroll has released EP’s and LP’s and brought them to their  album today.

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Minneapolis indie rockers Carroll are have evolved naturally since their inception in 2011. After frontman Brian Hurlow showed his demos to his college classmate and drummer Charlie Rudoy, it wasn’t too long before the two moved in together and began working on music. As they expanded their lineup, the band’s live set grew and the music became more self-assured.


The album is an expansive piece, deviating from massive guitar build-ups to dreamy vocals on a dime. Each song is backed with a surplus of dynamics, imploring everything from slide guitars to shaky synthesizer wobbles. For a less proficient band, it could become a mess. But Carroll handles it all with grace and college rock charm.


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