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Sam Smith went through such a makeover, looking so much different than before!

There is so much pressure in Hollywood now.

You’re either too skinny or too fat.

No one is perfect the way they are.

As talented as Sam Smith is, he does face the critique on his weight. He cannot escape the media and the public that choose to regard his weight instead of the amazing voice he has. Despite these critics, Sam decided to take action himself. Sam Smith has admitted that he loves food but he wanted to do something for himself so he decided to get fit. Congratulations Sam! It sounds like you’re on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

See the amazing changes that Sam Smith went through and the projects he has in store.

The Stay With Me singer has dropped an impressive 50lb, and looks fit, healthy and most importantly, happy.

But despite the determination it must have taken, the 23 year old admitted that he still dreams about the food he loves all the time. Don’t we all?

sam smith gq awards

“When someone calls you ‘gay’, there’s not much you can about that because I am. Whereas, if someone calls you ‘fat’, there is something you can do about that.”

Sam also recently responded to vile homophobic attacks he received on Instagram, bravely saying that he’s too “thick skinned” to let the torment bring him down.

StreeXB extends special thanks to Heat World for the article. Click here to see the rest of the story.

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