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An album by Christopher the Conquered received attention from Ryan Adams and suddenly things changed.

It really means a lot to get recognition for the work that you are doing.

Especially if you’re trying to get established as a solo artist.

Any publicity is good publicity, especially in this case.

Though bad publicity may be negative, it can still get an artist a lot of attention. When Miley Cyrus came out with her “We Can’t Stop” it received a lot of negative attention because it was really ‘out there.’ However, Miley has really reinvented herself to a household name, while truly being herself. That’s all from bad publicity. So think of what would happen if you get good publicity. Well, Ryan Adams gave some props to Christopher the Conquered recently and it proved to be helpful.

Read the whole story on how Christopher Ford got instant fame.

Christopher Ford, who performs as Christopher the Conquered, has been through more than a few phases as a stage performer since 2006. The Des Moines, Iowa-based pianist and singer-songwriter has fronted a giant brass band. He’s played soulful solo sets. He’s received positive indie press. He’s been ignored.

In 2013, after his band “fell apart basically,” this Friday’s visitor to the Knickerbockers stage started writing songs for a record that would take the name of one of them, “I’m Giving Up on Rock & Roll.”

“I’m definitely not giving up,” he tells people who take the title literally. “This song is a statement about how I’m all-in now. But all-in means it’s all me.”

The record’s not out yet, because finding a label to release it has been its own substantial undertaking. But things started to change gradually, then suddenly, for Ford starting on Aug. 2.

On that day, Ryan Adams tweeted a recommendation to his 700,000 or so followers about Ford: “You guys @ctconquered is the real deal. This record is blowing my mind!!!”

And what happens next will truly astound you.

He made $86.

Ford is as realistic as it gets when it comes to anything involving the music industry, including the impact of something big that happens on the Internet. (“Nothing will work out,” he said more than once in the course of this phone interview.)

For him though, this was certainly a major Internet event. Adams, the respected singer-songwriter, had given an unsolicited public seal of approval for an album that had consumed the better part of Ford’s past two years.

StreeXB extends special thanks to Journal Star for this article. Click here to read the rest of the story and watch video

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