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Indie act Up Dharma Down from the Philippines brings a thumping sound to the music scene.

Some songs are written inspired by a certain aspect of life.

Whether a place, animal, or human beings, songs can be written on anything.

Up Dharma Down’s latest song is inspired by Singapore.

Indie artists may struggle with finding their sound while trying to be like everyone else. Up Dharma Down is an indie music act that has managed to create popular sounds while maintaining their typical sound. Their music should be the center of attention because it surely needs to be heard by all music lovers. The music video scenery also accurately depicts the music and the story that this act is telling. Get ready for just good and happy music.

Go through the whole post to watch their music video and how they filmed it.

Pinoy indie music act Up Dharma Down’s latest single is called “All the Good Things” and it certainly lives up to its title. The four-minute track bears the foursome’s trademark sound—frisky guitars, thumping beats, Armi’s unmistakable wailings—yet somehow, it’s a bit more happy and sunshiny than what we’re used to hearing from them.

The band played “All the Good Things” for the first time to select members of the media and reps from the STB and other VIPs last week at 12 Monkeys at Century City. The song certainly captures the spirit and energy of the city-state. It kicks off with a snappy opening beat punctuated by a fun guitar riff. By the time Armi starts singing, we’re taken by the 80s disco vibe married to a fresh electronic mix. It’s a pick-me-upper that works just as much when you play it to start your day, as it does to rev up your evening.

Audiences also got to see the song’s music video, shot in Singapore (naturally) for the first time. Featuring gleaming skyscrapers, lush greenery and familiar attractions of the city-state, the video was directed by Johan Polhem, an award-winning filmmaker and former creative director at MTV Australia.

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