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Indie artist Noirre will release his second album “Nostalgia”









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Noirre Gets Real on his New Album, Nostalgia:

Noirre explains, “Nostalgia was my chance to commemorate my coming of age from being a teenager to an adult. I felt that it was very important to be totally honest in my writing and make a record that people could easily connect with; whether they are going through it now – or have been through it and remember that feeling. I’m at a really interesting point in life where I’m starting adulthood and leaving behind all the comforts and steadiness that you rely on at a young age. Nothing is stationary and everything is in motion.

Noirre’s music video for the track, “Real”, is in production to support the Oct 6th release of Nostalgia. Rand Courtney from Creative Deviants (and former One Tree Hill & Dawson’s Creek actor) is behind the lens for the video. Noirre will be playing live shows in the US through next summer in support of Nostalgia. In parallel, Noirre will also be in the producer seat this fall for fellow artist, NATVE’s, debut album on Pool Swimmer Records.

StreeXB extends special thanks to PRWEB for the article and image source. Click here to get a chance to know him  and his new album.

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