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After transitioning from television to music, Jamie Lynn Spears is showing what she can do for country music.









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The transition from teen TV star to adult musician is tricky enough—but try adding the last name Spears into the mix.

Jamie Lynn Spears, the younger sister of Britney Spears, made her acting debut in her big sister’s 2002 feature film Crossroads, and was well received on the Nickelodeon series All That and Zoey 101. Jamie Lynn Spears’ budding career hit a roadblock in late 2007, when she revealed, at the age of 16, that she was pregnant with her then-boyfriend Casey Aldridge’s child.

The revelation ignited a considerable controversy, and effectively derailed her ambitions.

The tabloid frenzy that drove Jamie Lynn Spears out of the spotlight and into Nashville might just have been a blessing in disguise.

But, like a silver lining in a storm cloud, the tabloid frenzy that drove Spears out of the spotlight and into Nashville might just have been a blessing in disguise.

(Or, perhaps the Spears family just attracts undesirable press: The day of our interview, Spears was still fending off queries regarding—and her representative was requesting no questions about—a December 2014 incident involving the brandishing of a large knife inside a Louisiana Pita Pit.)

The now 24-year-old Spears began her songwriting career about seven years ago, which culminated with the 2014 release of her aptly titled debut EP, The Journey.


Now, Spears’ journey continues, as she joins the growing ranks of female country artists taking a distinct point of view and wrapping it in a radio-ready package.

Rather than backhand the bottom-feeding media scorning her—as Britney did so memorably on 2007’s Blackout—Jamie Lynn wittily spins past troubles into slick, banjo-laced country-pop: The Journey’s opening track features the startling line “A little pink plus and there wasn’t no guessing/We’re gonna have us a shotgun wedding.”

Even a cursory spin of The Journey, produced by Corey Crowder, illustrates how serious Spears is about making music—on her own terms, and out from under the shadow of her famous surname.

Whether that vulnerability remains is an open question—Spears says she’s working on new music—but whatever transitions lie ahead for Jamie Lynn Spears, she’s approaching them one step at a time.


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