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2005 was a boom year for British indie. Inspired by The Strokes, The Libertines and Franz Ferdinand, the revival of sharp-edged, skinny-jeaned guitar music was in full swing. Bloc Party were thrust into the limelight with their thrilling debut ‘Silent Alarm’; Kaiser Chiefs enjoyed one of the biggest-selling albums of the year with ‘Employment’; Pete Doherty managed to behave himself long enough to record Babyshambles’ ‘Down in Albion’; and fuelled by the new phenomenon of social-media sharing, Arctic Monkeys exploded on to the scene.

Yet for every long-term success story, there were scores of bands whose moment came and went before the decade was out. What happened to them and what are their key members doing now? NME tracked some of them down.


Alan Donohoe
Singer, The Rakes

Active from 2003-9, The Rakes combined a Franz-style post-punk strut with wry social commentary on catchy singles such as ’22 Grand Job’ and ‘All Too Human’.



Kate Jackson
Singer, The Long Blondes

Formed in Sheffield in 2003, stylish indie five-piece The Long Blondes were tipped by many as natural heirs to Pulp’s arch retro-pop throne.


Bryan Johnson
Drummer, The Dead 60s

Liverpool’s finest purveyors of ska-punk and dub-rock, The Dead 60s offered a unique take on Noughties post-punk obsessions.

Ailidh Lennon
Bassist, Sons And Daughters

During their decade of existence, Glasgow’s Sons & Daughters released four albums of gothic indie-rock and toured with Morrissey.

Greg Gilbert
Singer/guitarist, Delays

Southampton’s Delays broke on to the scene with their 2003 Rough Trade single ‘Nearer Than Heaven’, toting a bright, retro guitar pop sound reminiscent of The La’s.

Katie Nicholls
Drummer, ¡Forward Russia!

¡Forward Russia! Were prime movers on Leeds’ thriving mid-Noughties post-hardcore scene. Their label Dance To The Radio went on to put out records by iLiKETRAiNs, Pulled Apart By Horses and The Pigeon Detectives.

Rory Lewarne
Singer, Pink Grease

Sheffield-based glam-punkers Pink Grease were the misfits of the mid-Noughties scene, mainlining the New York Dolls and trashy synth-pop on albums such as 2004’s ‘This Is For Real’.

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