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Long-marked for crossover success, this Detroit rapper and producer remains an underground phenomenon unknown to most mainstream hip-hop fans. It’s too bad, because Black Milk makes some of the best electric funk beats since J Dilla’s heyday. Last year, the prolific artist issued two projects: Random Axe, a supergroup with surly street vocalists Sean Price and Guilty Simpson; and Black and Brown, an EP with rising Motor City motormouth Danny Brown.

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To say that Black and Brown, the new collaborative EP from Detroit indie-rap producer Black Milk and shock-rap loose cannon Danny Brown, feels “half-finished” would be over-generous. Covering 10 tracks in a scant 22 minutes and bearing a forehead-slap obvious title that probably existed before the project did, Black and Brown is hastily assembled, thoughtlessly sequenced, and conspicuously truncated. There are two songs, back to back, titled “WTF” and “LOL”. Four songs don’t exceed the two-minute mark. The overwhelming impression is that the EP exists because an assistant stumbled across an “in-progress” folder of mp3s on Black Milk’s desktop and leaked the results.

Black Milk’s production, meanwhile, continues his career-long argument for the power of immacuately prepared comfort food. His work gathers a lot of strength from old-fashioned flipped samples, but the sound he wrings from them is compellingly tactile, as if the samples were made of some dense-but-yielding material only he knows how to manipulate. His drums have so much character and texture they almost seem to hit twice; “Zap”‘s bone-jarring backbeat lands somewhere indistinct in headphone-space, over a feebly quavering mini-choir of chipmunk-soul voices, and it sounds like you could reach out and run your fingers over it. Milk switches the beat up every one or two minutes, like impatient channel flicking, which both reinforces the beat-tape feeling of Black and Brown and handily keeps it from getting boring. The whole EP is over seemingly as soon as it begins and is the definition of a simple A+B proposition, right down to its name. But it works, and if it means there’s a more considered full-length from these two on the way, even better.

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