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Just proving that YouTube comments are only words that should not have the ability to hurt you.

YouTube comments can really sting and bring your ego down a couple notches.

They say that words don’t hurt but in reality, they really do make some sort of impact.

It’s not just sticks and stones.

YouTube is a platform that artists use as a place of expression and to release their content with the world. While there may be adoring fans right at your grasp, there must be some sort of balance. So of course there are anonymous hate comments tossed about. The Decemberists decided to poke fun at the conflicting activity on YouTube by simply singing about it. Haters are going to keep hating but let’s go on not caring about them.

Read the hilarious comments and watch the performance below.

Kimmel starts the segment by explaining how The Decemberists write “interesting, very intelligent songs about uncommon subjects,” and then jokes they’re working on an album centered around YouTube. The band proceeds to play selections from this fake project, covering every kind of comment you expect to see on Google’s online video site, from shallow to vicious to self-promoting. They conclude by singing a comment which calls the 2005 MIT commencement speech “boring” five times in a row.

Despite younger audiences loving the online video site, YouTube comments have never had a very good reputation. The anonymity afforded the site’s users before 2013 allowed them to write any trolling, hateful, or even completely unrelated comment they wanted to. Google tried to rectify this by forcing users to connect their Google+ accounts (which require you to use your real name) to YouTube at the end of 2013.

The Decemberists and Kimmel were just the most recent people who decided to use the insanity of YouTube comments to their advantage, and we’re sure glad they did.

StreeXB extends special thanks to Tubefilter for this article. Click here to see them perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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