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Jana Kramer is getting up close and personal with her sophomore album, Thirty One. The singer, who turned 31 in December, admits the record’s title is a representation of who she is, all wrapped up in a number.

Kramer explains that the number is a symbol of the characteristics she feels she regularly portrays. “In my mind, 31 shows strength, confidence and grace,” the singer adds. “That’s exactly who I feel like I am as a person and what I’ve been through in my life.”

The album features 11 songs, including the latest single, “I Got the Boy.” A talented songwriter in her own right, Kramer co-wrote six of the songs. The rest, she says, are just as good and deserved to make the cut, even though the album is personal.

Kramer has a lot of exciting things happening in her life, not just with her music, but her family, as well. The singer and her husband, NFL star Michael Caussin, recently announced they are pregnant with their first child, a baby girl.

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