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He’s that dude with the amazing voice from Macklemore’s “Downtown.”






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Eric Nally has basically spent most of his life in pursuit of rock stardom. Almost half of his 30 years have been laser-focused on finding the biggest stage possible. And then, thanks to a single phone call, it kind of just happened.

“It just keeps getting better and better,” Nally told MTV News on Tuesday night, less than a day after he touched back down in his native Cincinnati following a whirlwind weekend performing “Downtown” with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at Sunday night’s 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. “It feels like the universe is communicating with me. None of this was planned, it just happened and it’s perfect timing. I couldn’t be more thankful for how that went down.”


“They asked if I’d come out to Spokane and be in the video, so I flew back out to do it and then I come back and the next thing I know they ask, ’can you do the VMAs with us?’”



















The answer was, of course, yes, and the results were typically outrageous for the body-twisting, hyper limber singer who’s developed a reputation for his high-energy stage show, which includes everything from eating multiple lit cigarettes to slamming to the floor on his knees and uncorking long, totally NSFW monologues that leave audiences wondering if he’s for real.

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