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Maddie & Tae are a powerful country duo with a message that people need to hear.

Going against what everyone else wants takes a lot of guts.

This country duo does not want to be taken advantage of.

Just because they’re a girl duo does not mean that they should be treated as so.

Country duo Maddie & Tae are voicing their opinions through the music that they are releasing. They want to make a point on gender stereotypes that are taking over the music industry today. Some music videos now focus on the provocative and also degrade women at the same time. Attention should be pointed at this duo who wants to get their message across. They don’t need those things to become successful. As long as an artist sticks to their true voice, that will lead them to success.

Read how the country duo will change the music industry.

The country duo Maddie & Tae took on gender stereotypes in their first platinum single, “Girl in a Country Song,” and now they are targeting another overused effect in today’s country music: electronic drum machines.

“Fake drums,” said Maddie Marlow, clenching her fists in mock anger. “I hate the fake drums. Those need to go away!”

The two songwriters from Texas and Oklahoma met at age 15 and found inspiration in the other female artists known for starting trouble in country music, the Dixie Chicks. But they never expected “Girl in a Country Song” to ever get played on radio, much less make them the first female duo to have a Top 10 country song since 2007.

They wanted to follow up with a song that would be just as powerful, but also a true representation of their harmony-laden melodies and original lyrics.

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