Break a leg and get discovered today by auditioning for the StreeXB Global Talent Search!

Robbe Hardnette here, founder of the StreeXB Entertainment Group. I created such a platform to get indie artists heard but I also wanted to give a chance to those that do not realize their music potential. I am about to reveal to you all how to become a music superstar with just a simple audition!

Trying to get your voice out there in the massive music industry isn’t nearly as easy as they make it seem, is it? Maybe you’ve tried other ways to get out there into the world. You’ve tried open mic nights. You’ve tried entering other singing competitions. You’ve even tried putting your music on YouTube. These all just left you with frustrating results.

I know exactly how you’re feeling. There seems to be no way to achieve the success that you have been looking for. Every road leads to a dead end. Many opportunities seem to present themselves to you but they don’t look like the right ones.

Before we ever achieve even a smidge of success, there are always these roadblocks. There are so many times where you have felt like throwing in the towel.

The music industry looks so big now. You wonder how people even get themselves discovered anymore. Yes you can try moving to Los Angeles and New York to play in the big leagues but there are so many others that have done the same thing and have not gone anywhere.

But there is good news! Because I realized all the potential talent that is just being wasted and going undiscovered, I created the StreeXB Entertainment Group. I don’t want people to be left alone trying everything and anything to get in the industry and leading to nothing.

Yes it may look like your only option left is to quit but we want to put something back on the table to spark hope that you can get discovered.

Things just got a little easier for you! The StreeXB is proud to announce the STREEXB GLOBAL TALENT SEARCH! Audition now and make your dreams a reality!

If you want a career in the music industry, this is the place for you to launch it! There are no limits, anyone can audition!

Even if you don’t think you have the chops to make it, try this out! You don’t know if you don’t try in the first place. So why stop yourself and take a chance!

Audition for the heck of it! Invite your friends to join you too!

StreeXB wanted to bring you something fun and we’re so excited that we can finally announce it to you!

I’m so excited to watch and listen to all of your auditions!