StreeXB Global Talent SearchTaylor Swift is really in love with her new godson.

Looks like Jaime King’s son is in good hands.

The newborn babe Leo recently had a song dedicated to him in his godmother’s concert.

I think we are all jealous of baby Leo right now.

Taylor Swift is just the sweetest human being. She’s going above and beyond a godmother’s duties right now. Dedicating a song to your godchild is like the ultimate godchild. We already know how awesome Taylor Swift is. She goes from sending presents to her fans to renting out a kitchen to bake cookies for them. She’s like the best fairy godmother ever. The wings are there, we just can’t see them. Just observe the magical being that is Taylor Swift.

Read more about the cutest dedication ever.

Jaime King’s newborn, Leo Thames, is one lucky baby.

The 5-week-old’s godmother Taylor Swift dedicated her song Never Grow Up to him during her concert in Santa Clara, California on Saturday.

Swift, 25, met her godson three weeks ago for the first time, captioning an Instagram photo of her and Leo with lyrics from the same song.

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