StreeXB Global Talent SearchBay could be the next Sam Smith

Astronomic success, multi-dimensional singer, and shows people that he likes to rock out as much as he likes to tug at heartstrings.

Together, the quartet geeked out, performed, and celebrated an early highlight of the singer’s career.

He could not ask for more.

No matter who you are in the music industry, you’ll always be compared to someone else. As an example, Ariana Grande is constantly compared to Mariah Carey. This goes to show that no matter how far you’ve made it, there is that shadow lurking above you. Yes, people are unique and special in their own way but their style and voice can echo certain musicians. Others have already anticipated that James Bay may reflect the talents of Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran.

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Despite his presumed boredom at answering Billboard’s questions about his astronomic success, including a Brit Awards’ Critics’ Choice Award and last year’s chart-topping, anthemic “Hold Back the River,” Bay holds amiable court on a variety of topics from Kanye West headlining Glastonbury (“I’m not exactly Mr. Knowledge when it comes to hip-hop”) to his favorite soundtrack song, Toy Story’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman.

As for whether he’s going to be the next Sam Smith, which Billboard and nearly everyone else has speculated, Bay leaves his answer as a question: “Do you think they speculated about the next Elvis?”

Is it weird singing “Hold Back the River,” which you wrote about your first sold-out show, on a sold-out tour?

The feeling of people singing it back to me is nuts, its own whole incredible thing.

You covered Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds” – how do you feel about her new single [“Bitch Better Have My Money”]?

I only discovered it last night. I listened to three seconds of it. Am I right in thinking it’s more on the hip-hop side of things? I purely covered “FourFiveSeconds” after being a huge fan of it.

How did you approach making your first LP after putting out three EPs?

I recorded the first EP in a day and a half.

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