StreeXB Global Talent SearchRyan Adams is covering every single track in the ‘1989’ album and T-Swizzle is thrilled about it 

Yup. You read that right.

Ryan Adams’ next musical move is to pay tribute to the wonderful Taylor Swift.

I’m excited and thrilled at the same time to hear these Ryan Adams covers.

Further demonstrating that he’s absolutely down with today’s generation, Ryan Adams is covering Swift’s entire ‘1989’ album. Swift was delighted by the news and as soon as she heard it, she tweeted Ryan Adams quickly. How cute is that little popstar?

Check out the exchange and check out the content below.

On Thursday, indie rocker Ryan Adams announced to his fans on social media that he’s recording a full-album cover of Taylor Swift’s “1989″ in the style of The Smiths.

Adams will surely amp up the wistfulness, nostalgia and melancholy of some of Swift’s lyrics.

Swift herself was notified of the news and promptly lost her cool.

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