Krish Ashok is a man of many talents

This man is a music enthusiast and an online journalist.

He just has an array of talents of skills just waiting for the world to notice.

His music sounds crisp and one-of-a-kind.

Combination music has existed for quite a while, yet Krish Ashok takes this term to another level when he blends pop tunes with Carnatic ragas. The outcome happens to be amazing. It is a miracle how somebody can figure out how to sound so extraordinary. I know that many artists try to stand out among the others but this guy really managed to do just so.

Read through the article to find out more about him.

Meet Krish Ashok. Social media guy during the weekdays; extraordinary musician on the weekends, he is a man of many talents. Krish Ashok is a primarily a violinist with a Carnatic Classical background. And while that is a pretty awesome thing itself, what makes this man unique is the kind of music he makes.

influence. We at enquired about his long standing association to music, to which he said “I was primarily a violinist (started at the age of 7) and was not exposed to other genres of music (Carnatic classical training can be quite tyrannical that way) till I was in high school when I started listening to Classic Rock (Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd etc). I taught myself to play the guitar when I was 25 and around that time, I started dabbling with recording music at home and using software to layer and mix multiple tracks and so on. It wasn’t until 2009 that I started seriously learning more musical instruments & learning enough music theory to do the kinds of projects that I do now.”

Covers/adaptations and “original” music is a very western construct. I was trained in Indian classical music (Carnatic) and when you consider that form, every performance is essentially an adaption of earlier written work. The khayals or kritis were written centuries ago and yet, musicians today adapt, re-imagine & creatively cover these every day. What I try to do is apply the kind of improvisation that is central to Indian classical music to western songs, that’s it.”

But music is not his full time profession. “Music is a passion, not a profession. For me, music is what I do on the weekends (and occasionally in long international flights)” says Krish. While he isn’t making awesome music, he heads the Social Media & Workplace Reimagination Practice at TCS. Again, a man of many talents, one would definitely say.

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