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Though there are many hip-hop hits out there, we’re usually just introduced to them. Otherwise, we would not even know that they exist. Nowadays, we just really admire convenience which is why we just love the fact that 100 indie hip-hop hits are in one place and we’re sharing our find with you. You’re welcome.

Check out this in depth list full of indie hip-hop hits.


100. Various Artists
Music for the Advancement of Hip Hop
(Anticon, 1999)

Love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t talk about indie hip-hop without giving a nod to West Coast weirdos Anticon. The label was established in 1998 by divisive rapper Sole and a number of fellow emcees and producers, and over the course of the next decade offered an intriguing foil to rest of the country’s worthy, self-conscious output.

Music for the Advancement of Hip Hop was a statement of intent and showed off the label’s key operatives. Sole, Buck 65, Them, Deep Puddle Dynamics and more offer up tracks, and while the nasal rapping and zany production still alienates many rap fans, they undoubtably carved out their own niche. Their influence can still be spotted now.

99. Mixmaster Mike
Anti-Theft Device
(Asphodel, 1998)

If we’re talking hip-hop, it’s important to acknowledge that the genre encompasses more than rap, and while turntablism has fallen out of favor in recent years it would be wrong to ignore the form in this era. Mixmaster Mike was one of the most decorated DMC champs of the ’90s – he won three consecutive world championships and was rumored to have been asked to stop competing to give younger turntablists a shot. He wasn’t all just technique and flash either; he recorded with the Beastie Boys for a considerable time and released the estimableAnti-Theft Device in 1998. It’s a labyrinthine experience, rooted in hip-hop but unafraid to drift through genres, provided there’s room for Mike to fondle his wax stylishly in the foreground of course.



98. Grav
Down to Earth
(Correct Records, 1996)

A solid release from the consistent Correct Records, produced by Dug Infinite and some kid named Kanye West, who handled the majority of the album.

97. Al’ Tariq
God Connections
(Correct Records, 1996)

After 1994’s self-titled album from The Beatnuts, Kool Fash split to go solo as Al’ Tariq. His first album, God Connections, was delivered two years later and further actualized his old crew’s “street hop” canon. The Nuts were heavily credited on production, and slipped in a couple guest verses too (longtime collaborators Mista Sinista and Rawcotiks were also present). Proof that Al’ T was a more than capable rapper, whether grouped up or solo.

96. Them
(Anticon, 2000)

Dose One’s abstract, kazoo-timbre flow is a take-it-or-leave-it eccentricity. Jel’s beats, on the other hand, still sound as fresh, unusual and essential as they did back in 2000. Samples trip and tumble through the decaying circuitry of vintage machines, and the rigorous templates of standardized rap become a distant memory within the first few tracks.


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