Here are just some reasons why 90s non-mainstream pop melodies were basically the best in India

The 90’s indie pop scene was genuinely the best era of the music industry in India and dealt us a great treasure too.

Without a doubt, we can agree that the indie pop music scene in those days was basically magnificent.

It was literally indie pop because who would call it indie’s indie pop?

In each of our own minds, there is always that era that defined music and made it what it was. Each of us have different opinions so we really can’t pinpoint a specific time where music evolved. Music is always evolving. In India, 90s indie music is seen as the best and it is what changed their music industry.

Read through here to check out why indie pop was great back then.


1. There was genuine quality and great music.

Lucky Ali

Be it Lucky Ali’s ‘O Sanam’, Sunita Rao’s ‘Pari Hu Main’, Sonu Nigam’s ‘Tu’, or Euphoria’s ‘Maeri’, the songs from the 90’s indie music pop scene were true gems.

2. The generation produced some of the greatest playback singers of our times.

Mohit Chauhan

Mohit Chauhan, Hariharan, Shaan, Lucky Ali, Neeraj Shridhar, and many more awesome singers came into our music industry, thanks to their great work with these 90s pop songs.



3. Their videos also gave us some great actors.

Shahid Kapoor

We recently told you about the big stars of Bollywood who debuted in indie pop music videos. Shahid Kapoor, John Abraham, and Mallika Sherawat are just a few Bollywood stars who featured in these videos at the beginning of their careers.


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