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Museum of Modern Electronic Music is a mouthful to say.

MOMEM features exhibits, events, and workshops about techno.

It would make sense that as the pioneers of techno, the Germans would eventually center something to memorialize that fact. A techno museum is a perfect idea.

So now Europe’s first techno museum has been set to open in Germany. The museum will make its home in the techno metropolis of Frankfurt, reaffirming Germany as the spiritual home of electronic music. The museum will shrug off traditional museum exhibition traits and instead offer a space which invites visitors into the sensory world of electronic music, exploring many aspects of the musical form.

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Along with exhibits like Graphic Design, History & Influences, Global Movement and Wardrobe & Wearables, the one story space will feature live events and DJ workshops, according to Deutsche Welle.

Along with inventing the word “techno”, in 1984 Tomalia opened Technoclub, the first nightclub in Frankfurt that focused only on electronic music.



Check out the floor plan below.


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