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Foo Fighters takes the saying ‘break a leg’ very literally

The Foo Fighters still have a lot of ‘fight’ left in them!

The ‘Broken Leg Tour’ is underway, spreading rock music across the country.

Foo Fighters pleased their fans at a concert to remember.

Grohl of the Foo Fighters demonstrates that no broken leg is going to stop him from playing for his fans. Not all musicians can do what Grohl does, especially with an injury like that. The Foos passion for rock music and love for the fans are reasons to persevere through anything. The concert held at Fenway was both memorable and revived authentic rock music. Rock on Foo Fighters!

Read the story of how a legendary rock band proves that rock is still a thing.


…Because Foo Fighters’ creator Dave Grohl had broken his leg falling off the stage in Sweden (and he finished that set, by the way!), the tour had been nicknamed the “Broken Leg Tour.” It was fun to see so many fans wearing T-shirts showing off the X-ray of Grohl’s ankle or shirts that simply said, “Break a leg.” Grohl’s commitment to completing the tour was honored by the sense of anticipation. My cousin picked up on it and I was buzzed on the energy — far more than on the overpriced and undersized beer, I tell ya.

When the lights dimmed and a primal scream echoed through the most hallowed sanctuary in baseball, we screamed and did our best to let go of ourselves right then and there. But when the first riff of “Everlong” thundered through the park and the huge banner was released and fell to the stage, the noise was deafening.


There sat Dave Grohl in a huge throne-type thing. Behind him was a giant Foo Fighters’ symbol, around him was an array of guitar necks, beneath him were speakers, and before him were some 40,000 people who’d run through walls for him. There he sat with his guitar in his lap and his broken leg propped up. And just about every person in the place sang along when the song built up to the chorus: “And I wonder if anything could feel this real forever, if anything could ever be this good again. The only thing I’ll ever ask of you, you gotta promise not to stop when I say when.”

As the Foos ripped into song after song, rocking hit after hit, the sheer expression of the music and the concepts of the songs made this more like a revival meeting than a concert. This was work of the people, not just an artist on display. Grohl is more like an evangelist using the music to weaken our emotional walls and his rhetorical skill to open up our hearts and identify our lives in those songs. Like a good preacher, he responded to the congregation and the congregation responded to him. It was holy.


StreeXB would really like to send a shout out to The News Herald for the wonderful story. Go right here for the whole scoop.

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