StreeXB Global Talent SearchInteresting research shows that hip-hop vocabulary trumps all other genres

Did you know that Eminem is on the top with most word use from his music?

Mr. Slim Shady here is a very successful hip-hop artist has a total word count of 8,818.

How amazing. We don’t really think of these things until brought to the table.

Music industry, make way for what hip-hop has in store. Actually it’s more like an archival library if you pay attention to what the hip-hop genre has to say in the music industry. Who knew that their vocab was so extensive and who knew that research was actually being carried out about these trivial things?

Read through to see the article and the research conducted.


Eminem is the most verbose musician of all time, a study has found, while Mariah Carey, The Who and The Beatles are among the artists with the lowest musical vocabulary.

Research by Musixmatch has compiled the 100 most linguistically dense songs of the top 93-selling artists ever.

Hip-hop dominates the other genres in relation to vocabulary count

Not entirely surprisingly, hip-hop artists come out on top, with the Real Slim Shady singer taking a considerable lead: Eminem has a phenomenal word count of 8,818, which presumably includes the likes of “Mekhi Phifer”, the American actor quoted in Lose Yourself, and “Munchausen’s Syndrome” on Cleanin’ Out My Closet.

As the author of the study says, vocabulary size is no indicator of whether “one musician is better than the other”. However, it is interesting to see how pop, rock and RnB artists sit along the scale.


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