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Back in 2000 a shirtless man attends the annual techno music festival F—parade in Germany and little did he know that he was being filmed.

The Techno Viking meme is most notable for its extensive collection of musical remixes with other electronica songs and viral videos.

His name is Gunther Ackerman.

“Never judge a book by its cover” is what we always hear. It goes the same way with what the definition of sociology, “the world is not what it seems to be.” We see people through their actions and judge them immediately based on the behavior we notice at that time. The story of the Techno Viking is an example of this and has also come to form a legend. Fifteen years have passed and most were only aware of the facts that was out in public; however, little does everyone know that there is a great story behind it.

Go through the page below to read the genuine story of Gunther.


FIFTEEN years ago, at the 2000 Fuckparade in Germany, a legend was born in the form of a topless raver nicknamed The Techno Viking. Little was known about the muscle-bound man filmed in the 4-minute video, but one thing is for certain; he didn’t like women being pushed around, or being made famous.

The original clip shot by experimental video artist Matthias Fritsch has since been removed from YouTube after a court order, which later saw Fritsch sued by the anonymous figure in 2013, costing him €23,000 in damages and legal fees, rendering him bankrupt.

Our journey began in Berlin. The agreement was to meet our guide Gunther at the airport and then he would drive us directly to Techno Viking’s home on the outskirts of the city. Which we did. Gunther was softly spoken with fluent English. He told us that he worked as a biologist and too be honest he was kind of boring so myself and my fellow reporter John found ourselves zoning out through much of his one-way dialogue.

“So how far to his house?” I interrupted Gunther, who was now showing off, naming all the trees in Latin or some bullshit language we didn’t really understand nor care about.




“Not too far now. We should be there in five minutes actually,” he replied, before rambling on again. “Did you know, the oldest living organism on Earth is believed to be the Pando tree colony of Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides) in America, also known as the Trembling Giant”.

Enough with his brainy talk, both myself and John put on our headphones to give him the hint.

Following several turn offs and byroads, we finally arrived at our destination.

“Boring house he’s got,” John exclaimed, pointing at the grey bungalow. “You German lads aren’t much for aesthetics”.

“Well, it suits me down to the ground,” Gunther replied, revealing his true identity.


StreeXB would like to thank Waterford Whispers News for the great story. Click here to access the story.

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