Indie rock band Hyukoh has become all the rage in Korea

Indie rock bands have a hard time getting exposure.

One indie band had the chance to appear on a TV show which then skyrocketed them to fame.

The band members themselves could not even believe their popularity.

Korean indie band Hyukoh had the big opportunity to promote their music. They have attempted to build their reputation for a very long time but looks like television was the best boost out of all their efforts. Sometimes, extra help is needed to get yourself out their.

Check out their success below.


Indie rock band Hyukoh has been catapulted into the nation’s pop music mainstream after a recent appearance on TV entertainment show “Infinity Challenge”.

The band’s four members said they still could not believe the popularity they had gained after their TV exposure on Saturday. The program introduced the band and five other musicians, each of whom will team with the program’s six regular members to perform at the “Infinity Challenge Music Festival” this summer.


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