Apple attempts to emphasize that they do indeed support indie artists but failed to do so

Indie artists already face a hard time getting noticed in the music industry.

They deserve some kind of recognition for their music.

Apple has been facing a lot of flak lately for how they have been treating indie artists.

Indie artists face the challenges of trying to get into the spotlight. In efforts to show off that they care about indie artists, Apple featured an indie artist that does not even exist as an indie artist yet. Apple, pay closer attention and put real indies on the center stage.

Read to see what exactly happened.


Interscope Records / Beats by Dre co-founder and all around music industry mogul, Jimmy Iovine, was welcomed to the stage to introduce Apple Music.  Just over a year after Apple bought Beats for $3 Billion (ushering Iovine and Dre into the Apple family), Apple finally unveiled their subscription streaming service – nearly 7 years after Spotify launched.

Apple Music will include many of the features Spotify and Tidal recently unveiled like video and artist profiles, exclusives and content (they previewed hand written lyrics, a studio tour by Bastille, and a live performance video by Alabama Shakes (who just put out my favorite album of the year, Sound and Color…seriously stop what you’re doing and go check this incredible piece of art out)).

One of the biggest criticisms of the botched Tidal Launch was that the superstar, millionaire “owners” who include Jay Z, Beyonce, Coldplay, Arcade Fire, Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Jack White, Kanye West, Madonna and deadmau5, asked fans to pay them more money exclaiming that artists will get a bigger cut of the streaming revenue than their competitors.  But, and this is a big Kardashian but, unsigned, independent artists were completely absent from the presentation.  The artists who are working their asses off every single day, on their own, attempting to make a living with their art (who actually NEED higher streaming royalties), did not have a place at the Tidal table.  Only after the uproar, did Tidal launch “Tidal Rising” to attempt to correct its ways.

Well, Apple was listening and senior VP of Intel Software and Services, Eddy Cue, stood on stage and proudly proclaimed that “even unsigned artists” will be able to upload their content to Apple Music profiles (kind of like they already do for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook).  Then he did something amazing, he highlighted an unsigned artist on stage and played a snippet of his new song.  Finally, a major tech company is looking out for the unsigned artists who are working tirelessly to make a full-time music career a reality!

Except, the “unsigned artist” the Apple senior VP played during the 2015 Keynote, Loren Kramar, doesn’t actually exist.

Well, maybe there’s a guy named Loren Kramar who kinda plays guitar and has written a song or two.  But this is not a working musician.  And definitely not the unsigned artist they should have featured.  With such a large stage at one of the most pivotal moments in Apple music history, Apple chose not to feature one of the thousands of unsigned, full-time musicians from around the globe with an actual music career, but some 26 year old visual artist (and magazine editor) from NYC who has zero existence as a musician on the web.  No videos on YouTube.  No Facebook Page.  No releases on Spotify or iTunes.  No history of performing live.  And a Twitter account which launched two hours ago.  Impeccable timing.

Turns out Loren Kramar’s friend/manager (?) is Joe Weinberger, who used to be an A&R rep under Jimmy Iovine at Interscope.  So Jimmy went to his old friend Joe and said “hey buddy, find me an unsigned artist we can feature at WWDC to make us look like we care about unsigned artists.”  And then Joe went to Loren and said, “yo dude, you got that song written yet? Let’s quickly get it recorded so Jimmy can get it played at WWDC and then we turn you into a star. How bout it?!”

The only thing worse than omitting unsigned artists from the discussion, is showcasing an unsigned artist who doesn’t yet exist – then patting yourself on the back for it.

Apple has long been criticized for being out of touch – especially after the horrendous U2 album debacle where they forced it into everyone’s album collection whether they liked it or not.  But this is beyond being out of touch.  This is flat out deceptive.

And it just goes to show that Apple, in fact, doesn’t care about unsigned artists.  Jimmy Iovine cares about making his friends, his company and himself rich.  And that’s it.  Because if Apple (or Iovine) actually cared about helping unsigned artists, they would have chosen any of the thousands, literally thousands, out there who are incredible artists with loyal fan bases, but still unsigned.


We send a special shout out to Digital Music News for this article! Read the full article here.

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