StreeXB Global Talent SearchIndie band takes a beloved movie and translates it into an album

Did you think you were just seeing things?

Sometimes reality is actually really funny.

We’re glad that there are other people out there that help make our dreams come true. 

Indie band Sledding With Tigers came up with a very unique idea. We would never think of these ideas on our own but we are so glad that someone did. Nostalgia is going to kick in once we hear this music and we will all be taken back to when we watched this entertaining flick. All props goes to Sledding With Tigers. Brilliant idea and we’re glad you followed through on your word.

Find out where you can access the album below.

Someone has made a concept album based on the film Space Jam. 

You read that right. 

Indie band Sledding With Tigers threw down the gauntlet on Twitter last year, posting a link to a petition calling on the University of California to save a musical venue from closure. 


They vowed that if their tweet reached 1000 RTs they would ‘record an ENTIRE ALBUM of songs about Space Jam.’ 

That’s the animated/live-action 90s film Space Jam starring Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. 

The tweet is currently at 1088 retweets and true to their word, the Space Jam concept album was born. 

Thanks so much to Metro News for such an intriguing story! See the full story here.

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