StreeXB Global Talent SearchIndie artist is now part of indie band that is to debut their album

Album releases are always exciting.

Especially when you’ve been waiting for a long time.

In this case, the news of an album release is worthy of attention because it’s a debut album.

Indie artist Ian La Rue has been around on his own for a while and is excited to debut with his band Heartbeat City. They are about to launch with their album Thunder Amongst Us. Let’s all support this new band because we know how hard it is to debut in the music industry.

Meet the band by reading below. 


Ian La Rue has been active in the Winnipeg music scene since the ’90s, releasing albums under his own name and being attached to acts like the Paperbacks, Flesh Auger and Unravelled Broken Orchestra. Now, he has a new band called Heartbeat City, and their debut album will arrive on August 7. It’s called Thunder Amongst Us.


A press release describes the music as “indie folk rock.” La Rue said in a statement, “Making this album was an intimate and vulnerable process and we put a lot of ourselves into it. It was an exercise in patience and respect for authenticity and sincerity. We’re so excited to be able to share it now.”


Thanks to Exclaim! Media Inc. for the article. Read the full article here. Also a big thank you goes out to our image source.

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