StreeXB Global Talent SearchIt’s Taylor Swift versus Apple in the battle over indie artists

Indie artists already have a hard time getting noticed in the music industry.

Taylor Swift is using her voice and will be changing that.

Oh Taylor, aren’t you a delight!

Taylor Swift strategically used her Tumblr to voice her displeasure with Apple. Even if a bunch of us from the indie community used our voices to state our opinion, it would not be as powerful than if it were coming from such a big name such as Swiftie. Taylor Swift, thanks for looking out for our indie community.

Check out how Taylor talked back at Apple below.


Taylor Swift, opinionated and willful seven-time Grammy winner, wrote Apple a letter via Tumblr and received a response. Apple Music recently released a music streaming service and is offering subscribers a three month free trial.



During this free trial they reported that they will not be providing compensation to producers, writers, and artists. Due to this lack of compensation Swift voiced that her decision to not include her latest hit album, 1989 was her way of supporting musicians who are young and struggling to build an audience.

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