StreeXB Global Talent SearchIndie artists could use some love from Apple

Major labels are pretty much all we ever hear of.

Though we may be aware of indie artists, we know that they don’t get the credit.

With some tender loving care from Apple, indie artists can have a chance to get noticed by more people.

Apple should take note and see how much potential that indie artists have. Because of all the focus on what is popular and mainstream, there is little emphasis on those who need a fighting chance. We can all see how powerful of a platform Apple is. Being featured on Apple would give indie artists the boost that they need.

See why Apple should shed spotlight on indie artists.


Apple would be wise to start letting independent musicians share center stage.

Merlin, a group that represents the digital rights for more than 20,000 independent labels, said paid subscribers stream 35 percent more of its music than those on free tiers, based on an analysis of more than 9 billion streams of the agency’s repertoire.

Apple’s negotiations with independent labels were an afterthought for its new subscription service — it focused more of its early efforts on the major labels. But Merlin’s finding means people who pay $10 a month for subscriptions — the kind of customers these companies want most — listen to more indie music than the folks who aren’t willing to open their wallet.


It provides a glimpse into the fragmented world of independent music as streaming upends long-standing norms. As streaming has grown, more artists on independent labels can reach listeners more easily — and grow more popular. Unless you pay close attention to the business side of music, you wouldn’t know that some of the stars you listen to most — Taylor Swift, Adele and Macklemore, for instance — record on independent labels. Yet the priorities of digital music distributors like Apple, which sought licenses from indies for its forthcoming Apple Music service only after courting the major labels and unveiling the service publicly, may be out of sync with your preferences.

The data from Merlin also comes with some notable caveats: The report represents a substantial portion of the independent music market — but not all of it. And while it indicates trends at indie labels, these are not independent findings: It’s in the best interest of Merlin, a group that advocates on the behalf of the indies, to report data flattering to its point of view.


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