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Having a tour is great.

You get to meet your fans and perform everywhere you go.

Just being on the road gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Not all of us know what tours are like exactly but from what we see from television and films, being on tour seems like a lot of fun. We’re sure there are a lot of stereotypes out there but let’s just ignore that and focus on the positive. Indie band Texture & Light is about to go on tour and have the time of their lives. They’re kicking off their tour on July 3. We’re so happy for you!

Read more about their tour below.


Although in the music business to bomb is traditionally considered a bad thing, that’s not the case for a local indie band which is launching its 2015 summer tour at The BOMB.

Otherwise known as the old Bank of Montreal Building in Townsite across from Dwight Hall, this venue is now operated by The Music Revolution Society and it will be rocking on Friday, July 3, as Texture & Light launches its summer tour.


“It’s a really beautiful space,” said Trevor Refix, a self-taught former DJ, vocalist for the band, and carpenter who helped build The BOMB’s stage. “It made me realize that the music scene is actually pretty great here because although [shows] may not be as frequent as they are in the city, there is a space and an audience for almost any kind of music.”

…Texture & Light’s first album, The Hard Problem of Consciousness, topped Canada’s national music chart soon after its 2013 release, when its first single, “A Quiet Place,” was selected for CBC Radio Three’s R3-30 indie rock chart.


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