The STREEXB & Swipe4TheKids Partnership Program


The Purpose

The STREEXB has partnered with Swipe4TheKids to bring a strategic opportunity for local businesses to support youth programs — all at no cost.

Why Participate?

When communities tighten their fiscal belts, youth enrichment programs – music, sports, the arts and more – are often the first to be cut back or dissolved. Communities can simply no longer rely on tax revenue, fundraising, or charitable contributions to fully fund vital youth programs like The STREEXB’s Club F.U.C.I.
Youth arts & entertainment programs simply cannot rely solely on donations, sponsorship’s and tax dollars to thrive. Businesses need new and creative ways to engage their community, support their youth and get a tangible benefit for their efforts.
With The STREEXB & Swipe4TheKids, your existing business expense turns into sustainable funding for our programs — all at no extra cost to the business or the consumer. Currently most businesses have a merchant processing fee that is collected and kept by the processor, leaving no effect on the business’ community. With a S4TK partnership, your merchant processing fee is sent to S4TK, who in turn fund youth enrichment programs of your choice, like The STREEXB Entertainment Society.

About Swipe4TheKids

Swipe4TheKids is a next-generation program that joins local businesses with their communities to meet the funding needs for youth enrichment programs. A percentage of your existing merchant service fees are donated to programs in your name. Your business is then promoted in the community as a Swipe4TheKids partner, generating increased traffic, loyalty & corporate citizenship.

 How To Get Started

Click here to connect with a STREEXB Program Ambassador.