“StreeXB IA Studio a place for possibilities for todays artists”

The StreetBeat Entertainment Group is proud to have our first of more to come StreeXB Studios.
Our Studio will be the home for Club FUCI, KSBI.CA, and The StreetBeat Entertainment Group Branding merchandise such as clothing & health oriented product.
We will feature upcoming artists and launch our unique entrepenuer project.
We invite you to become a strategic partner to reach our goals.

Lifestyle network for todays artists






A $200 deposit is required to secure a booking. This deposit will also serve as your damage deposit and will be returned to you after the event. Cheques payable to The StreetBeat Entertainment Group or cash are the preferred payment methods.
Rental fees are due 30 days before your event.
If renters are having an evening party, they must shut down their bar and music at midnight and be out of the studio by 1 am.
If renters are having live or recorded music and dancing The StreetBeat Entertainment Group is required to collect music royalty fees on all commercial artist music. These fees will be added to our rental fee.
SOCAN Fees – SOCAN is the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada.
Live or recorded music with dancing – $62.13
Live or recorded music without dancing – $31.04
Re: Sound Fees – Re: Sound represents recording artists and record companies.
Recorded music with dancing – $27.96
Recorded music without dancing – $13.96

Monday to Thursday Rental Rates

• 9 am – 5 pm $375, Half Days $245 4hr limit
• 6 pm – midnight $500
• 9 am – midnight $700

Friday – Sunday Rental Rates

• 9 am – 5 pm $500
• 6 pm – midnight $650

Holiday Saturday Rental Rates

• (December) 9 am – midnight $1100**
• New Year’s Eve from 9 am to 1 am rents for $2500.
**These prices include free set up and take down of The StreetBeat Entertainment Group tables and chairs, all other set-ups of The StreetBeat Entertainment Group furniture will be charged a rate of $15/hour.
Early entry for evening rentals is $50/hour.
Add $150 to the above costs on statutory holidays.

Studio Hourly Rate (dance practice, meetings)

• $45 (max 4 hrs) then goes into 8 hr rate
• $10 hr for use of Kitchen

DJ and catering is available upon request



Download -> Print & fill in forms and drop off to The StreeXB IA Studio @1355 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3E3




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