The STREEXB in its efforts to grow awareness of the Independent movement, a fast growing segment of our everyday world has created the SBU Partnership campaign. This campaign is to align with strategic businesses, organization and Indie promoters to unify our resources for a common goals, (Brand awareness for companies that support the Indie scene).
We will be able to expose your product or service over a variety of mediums and align your message with a niche market that’s forever expanding by the landscape of social media.
We’re always looking for short term and long term sponsors from all around the world. As we have both international indie artists playing on KSBI.ca and sponsorship from companies around the world already, we’re always open to hearing from any organization, no matter how big or grassroot a company may be.

Why become a partner?

The STREEXB has an aggressive marketing strategy to grow consumer’s awareness of this new emerging industry.


  • Thru KSBI.CA (online radio station), concerts, flyers, Stop the Bullying concert tours, trade shows & so much more.
  • Listing on The STREEXB Entertainment Group’s platforms, radio station, and entertainment society as a sponsored partner.
  • Partnership discounts and preference ad placement on the network (discounts varies depending on your partnership involvement).
  • Alignment with like companies under of the banner of positive message to help local communities empower itself.

What does it cost?

Depends on your campaign but we can tailor it around a suitable budget.

How do you get started?

Simply call 778.245.4199 or email [email protected], make an appointment and let the movement begin.

Our Sponsors

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We also have advertising available for the Mini Concert Series



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