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We are The StreeXB Indie Artist Hub brought to you by The StreeXB Entertainment Group (SXB). Here you will find everything on the indie artist scene. We provide both fans and artists alike the indie news that they want to hear.

Think you may recognize us? We were formally The StreetBeat Entertainment Group! Until Summer 2015, we were known as the StreetBeat. However, we have changed our name since then but will always remember where we came from. It’s a new us!

We specialize in the indie genre. In the massive music industry, we are aware of the struggles and obstacles that indie artists face to get their voices heard. We’re here to showcase indie artists that have worked hard and deserve to be featured in the music world.

Are we purely focused on music? NOT AT ALL! We also want to include indie entertainers who want to captivate audiences with their talent.

We also know how hard it is for fans to easily find updates about the indie industry. This is why we wanted to create a space where indie updates are conveniently in one area.

You’re about to go on a journey through the indie world. Stay tuned for updates because we want to keep you informed on all things indie!