General Contact:

[email protected]

Request Music:

[email protected]


[email protected]

Music Submission:

First I’d like to thank you for listening to KSBI.CA, Music Without Borders to Inspire the Soul. It is because of your dedication to the Independent Music scene that allows KSBI to be realized and we truly appreciate it.
We are dedicated to expanding the awareness of this emerging segment of the Indie entertainment scene. We encourage artist to submit all genres of music as we are not genre specific station.

The types of music we play:

  • Positive vibes and uplifting to the spirit.
  • Songs that advocates social issue or change.
  • Music of love, freedom and motivational.
  • World Beats, Pop, R&B, Gospel, Latin, Jazz, Rap, Hip Hop or any other sounds that cool.
  • Mind provoking.

What we don’t play:

  • Hate music.
  • Music that’s discriminating or degrades women, cultures, religions or anything that separates Humankind.
  • Music that promotes violence.
  • Derogatory languages. But will consider if it is already radio edited.
  • Music that promotes violence.

Process for submittal:

  • Submit music to [email protected].
  • Allow for 30 days before we get back to you.
  • Present music or radio edit version in a MP3 format with group or artist name and song info.
  • All music will be listen to by a diverse panel, ages ranging from 13 -55+, often times we have youth group sessions to get feedback on the pre-selection of music and ongoing music of our station.

KSBI Guarantee:

  • Choose quality content that fulfills our station criteria.
  • Promote the indie artist community fairly.
  • Honor the listening audience request to play more of the artist that they ask for.
  • Expand awareness of the artist we play on KSBI.CA through festival, concerts and other events that The STREEXB Entertainment Group and KSBI.CA is involved in.
  • Forward all inquires that from record labels, agents etc to the Indie Artist so you can take the necessary steps to expand their careers.
  • No fee for regular air rotation. But a fee will be charged for Album feature on the Spotlight on an artist show. *Optional.
  • If The STREEXB host or produces a show in the artist’s area, artists can participate in some form.

Agreement from artist:

  • If your music is chosen for rotation on KSBI.CA, artists will promo through their social networks about being aired on KSBI.CA. *We’ll send out a form for artist to fill out as to the social network that they are involved in.
  • Provide a shout out for the station.
  • Promote KSBI.CA at all events that the artist is involved in.
  • Be available for interviews to promote themselves.