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One Direction’s new album ‘Made In The A.M.’ is totally FULL of Taylor Swift references!

Rounded up all the record’s lyrics that seem to be inspired by Harry Styles’ ex in one place, and the similarities to Tay’s ‘1989’ are pretty crazy.

Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles dated. It didn’t work out.

The music video for “Perfect,” Harry Styles’ not-so subtle response to ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift’s 1989, ​is out, and it’s another nice nod to Taylor.

Is Harry Styles still pining for Taylor Swift!? The amount of lyrics on One Direction’s new album that seem to allude to the short-lived romance is pretty shocking — practically every single song has some sort of reference that the 25-year-old made on her own record, 1989, which is mostly about Harry.  Two years later, Taylor released 1989, an album where many of the songs were interpreted to be about that relationship. Harry and his band had no musical response…until now.

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While she has never confirmed it, it’s been widely rumoured that Taylor Swift’s album 1989 was about her relationship with Harry Styles.

Well, now One Direction have released a new album,Made in the A.M., and it hasn’t gone unnoticed that there appear to be several references to Taylor.

First off, there’s “Perfect”, which the boys released last month. Within hours of its release, people noticed that it sounded very similar to Taylor Swift’s “Style”.

Not only do the songs sound pretty similar, the lyrics in “Perfect” also echo those in “Style”.

And then there was THIS line.

And then there was THIS line.
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

“Perfect” is also the third song on Made in the A.M., just like “Style” is third in the tracklist of 1989.

And finally, there’s One Direction’s “Olivia”, which contains numerous similarities to several of Taylor Swift’s songs from 1989.

First of all there are these lines:

First of all there are these lines:

Ian West / PA WIRE

Pbg / PBG

Which seem to tell a similar story to this, from Taylor’s “Out of the Woods”.

Which seem to tell a similar story to this, from Taylor's "Out of the Woods".

Fernando Leon / Getty Images

Then there are these two lines about wine stains – the first from Taylor’s “Clean”, and the second from “Olivia”.

As well as these two lines about memories and imagination – the first from “Olivia”, and the second from Taylor’s “Wildest Dreams”.

And, finally, let’s just acknowledge that Taylor Swift’s cat is called Olivia.

And, finally, let's just acknowledge that Taylor Swift's cat is called Olivia.

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