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Has a year on the road cultivated a more sophisticated sound for the Loveless brothers? Have a listen and let us know what you think!

The Drenge songs was wracked with a visceral and gnarly frustration.

As they tore up festival stages and cemented themselves as one of the UK’s finest live acts, brothers Eoin and Rory Loveless discovered a new belief.

So has a year on the road cultivated a more sophisticated sound for the brothers?

While the spirit of uninhibited punk rock is still very much in tact (We Can Do What We Want, Running Wild), their songwriting has edged away from youthful brattiness and into the stern malevolence of your early 20s. Entitled Undertow, the followup to their self-titled album was written and recorded while on tour and between their hometown of Castleton and Sheffield and features a third member, Rob Graham, playing bass on three songs. I was released April 6 on Infectious Music. What do you think of the followup? Let us know in the comments section.

Go through the whole article to see them play their awesome song and it includes interview clip

The British trio, consisting of brothers Eoin (guitar/vocals) and Rory Loveless (drums) and bassist Rob Graham, are nearly perfect in the classic rock ‘n’ roll sense: Metronomic rhythms, soaring vocals, a ripping guitar, and pounding drums and bass, carving out a stately, almost monolithic sound that combines both psychedelia and grunge into something startlingly, refreshingly, unforgettably new.

Conspicuously on the way up, critically lauded in their homeland, and now back in the States promoting Undertow, their brand new album—their second—the young band is doing what they need to do: Making themselves known. Appearing on Letterman, festivals here and there, and explaining themselves all over again.

Precise, polite, and true brothers in the very best rock ‘n’ roll tradition—“I kind of forced Rory to play drums,” admits big brother Eoin—the two Loveless boys are a colorful combo, and their music, with its guitar/bass/drums core, still sounds distinctly spacious, precisely carved, and absolutely modern.

In Santa Monica last month, Drenge dropped by Yahoo studios and played one of the most memorable sets our crew has seen in months. If you haven’t seen them live, you should; if you haven’t heard their music, check out Undertow and its powerful, self-titled predecessor; and if you want a good time, watch the two studio performances here and prepare for absolute, roaring, rocking grandeur.

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