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Wax Poetics Records’ new Minneapolis-based duo Bones & Beeker is a band that combines hip-hop-production sensibilities with classic, harmony-focused singer-songwriter musicianship.

Anthony Newes (vocals, guitar, keys, and other sounds) —who studied audio engineering in Arizona and improvisation and music theory in Northern California and Brendan Kelly (production, drum programming, keys, glockenspiel, kalimba) — is probably best known for his decade of work with rapper Brother Ali as BK-One.

They were introduced through their work with the developmentally disabled, Their first meeting was a five-minute conversation about Tom Waits and their second was at a client’s deathbed.

Coming together from two different genres to shape a full-length project, bringing their hip-hop and indie-folk-pop strengths together via label Wax Poetics Records.

When the two artists decided to work together and the result is mind blowing, Click the video below to watch

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