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Ariana Grande’s latest teaser of new single “Focus”may be her most intriguing so far.

And the hits just keep on coming.

With only 24 hours left until Ariana Grande unleashes her new single “Focus,” the pop star has teased fans with a short clip of the song.

That isn’t because of the music, exactly. While the video preview has the best audio of its first few seconds yet (a countdown, then blasting horns).

Ariana posted the clip today (October 25) with only a note saying “5 Days Til Focus” (rather, “°₊·ˈ∗ #5daysTilFocus ∗ˈ‧₊°”) so it’s unclear whether she filmed this for the song’s music video or solely as a teaser. This time, however, Ariana appears in the shadowy teaser herself. She faces the camera, while sporting the same platinum locks from her single artwork, to kick it all off: “1, 2, 3. Come on, girls.” Like “Problem,” the new song deploys major funk and a driving saxophone.  Ariana starts off with a rallying “C’mon girls,” and aside from a few flourishes, that’s all we really get in terms of vocals for now. But given how excited Ariana seems to be about the song, we’ll hear even more of it before its debut. In any case, get excited — at long last, “Focus” is just 24Hours away!

Go through the post to read the whole story and watch the video clips and more!

Ariana Grande’s new single, “Focus,” drops this Friday, Oct. 30. In the past few weeks, Ari has been teasing the heck out of us with boisterous snippets from the song, foggy lyric one-sheetsand a shockingly platinum new ’do on the cover artwork.

Of course, there are still five more days until the song’s actually out, which means five more chances for teasing us every possible way. Like this new clip, which Ari tweeted out early Sunday morning (Oct. 25).

By now, we could probably piece a lot of the song together based on these fragments — or at least know what to do with ourselves until Friday, when the song actually drops.

For now, we’ll just replay this clip over and over until Friday… or, actually (as Ari reminds us), Thursday at midnight. 👏👏👏

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