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There are plenty of reasons to visit Ecuador beyond the scenic flora and fauna featured in the ads and a burgeoning and underrated indie music scene is definitely one of them.

The petite South American nation of Ecuador isn’t known for a particularly juicy music scene.

Its music has long been overshadowed by its neighbors to the north, east, and south and the radio airwaves are mostly dominated by either traditional music or newer Latin American imports like reggaeton.

But the great news is that in the past two-to-three years, indie acts have been rising out of underground trenches in Quito and Guayaquil to stamp their presence on the world.

Tourists flock to Ecuador to see some of the most amazing landscapes and animals in the world, but did you know the country is home to many up-and-coming electronic artists, producers, booking agents and clubs with hi-tech sound? From the mountains of Quito to the crowded streets of Guayaquil, there’s a movement to create Andean-inspired sounds with a whole new beat. This blossoming has been thanks to a lot of cross-country collaboration, access to new fans through social media sites like Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube and notably, Plan Arteria, an Ecuadorian independent music website aiming to support emerging culture.

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Along with giant active volcanoes and a controversial clown named Tiko Tiko, Ecuador is home to some really good electronic music. With a recent uptick in on-the-ground booking agencies, avant-garde labels, event production companies, and clubs with high-tech sound systems, there’s almost too many good up-and-coming producers to count—along with a loyal local audience ready to cheer on everyone involved in the perpetual zapateo, a key slice of Ecuadorian slang that means nothing else besides a damn good party.

1. Nicolá Cruz (Quito)

Nicolá Cruz’s sounds call upon the rituals and natural spaces from his homeland—a country intersected not only by the sprawling Andes, but also the Amazon jungle. Nicolá’s tracks draw inspiration from all over Ecuador’s rich culture, including religious rituals, native rhythms, and a passion for the region’s topographic landscapes. After a recent EP on Multi Culti, the artist’s debut album,Prender el Alma, drops October 30 on ZZK recordings, and promises to be another showcase of traditional root rhythms interlaced with slick, modern electronic sounds. “I call my music ‘Andes Step,’ Nicolá tells THUMP. “I think these words sound good together—I don’t want to create another sub-genre.


2. Bastien (Guayaquil)

Roberto Bastidas, aka Bastien, is a producer, DJ, mastering engineer, and one-time music publicist. He started mixing originals into his live sets while playing in countries all across South America—Chile, Argentina, Peru, and his native Ecuador among them—and many of his tracks have since climbed the Beatport charts. “I’m constantly discovering and evolving as an artist because I can’t stick to only one genre—I even enjoy bachata!” says Bastien.





Dr. Ratón (Quito)

“My essence will be delivered through my music,” says producer Dr. Ratón. Dr. Ratón’s music spans a variety of sounds, from psytrance to drum-n-bass versions of Daft Punk tracks. “I’m not looking to identify myself within a certain style—I think what I’m looking for is to create my own genre,” he tells THUMP. Currently, Dr Ratón is traveling throughout Ecuador to promote his latest album,Abstraction.






10. Mirror Touch (Quito)

Gabriel Andrade, aka Mirror Touch, makes music that experiments with the senses. “I find inspiration in the melancholy and merge it with techno,” the producer tells us. “This process has led me to experiment with something I call ‘hypnotic romanticism,’ where I try to merge repetition with the melodic characters that I find in the melancholy to build my own musical manifestation.”





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