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Watch this hilarious reason of why The Weeknd can’t feel his face.

You may be confused on The Weeknd’s famous hit “Can’t Feel My Face” because it might not make any sense to you.

We can all agree on the fact that the song is sweeping the country because if it’s not catchy at first, it will eventually get you singing along.

There are many parodies of songs out there but this one is probably up there among the most entertaining and creative ideas out there on the web.

Watch the wildly entertaining video below.

Toronto YouTube star Andrew Huang imagines it that way in a cover that’s generated over 500,000 views in less than a week.

His instruments: rubber gloves, the dreaded drill and a perfectly-timed blast from the air brush. (Yeah, you just have to watch it.)

The Weeknd — also from Toronto — probably won’t mind, considering his song has reached mega-hit status, with more than 46 million views on YouTube alone, not to mention the countless radio plays.

But the hit is a big deal for Huang, and his wife Esther who recently quit her job to help him produce more YouTube videos full-time.


StreeXB extends special thanks to CBC News for this article. Click here to watch the funny video.

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