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The EDM flop is disappointing to the dance movie genre.

I know what you’re thinking.

Zac Efron released another movie? What is it about? It flopped?

Yes, Zac Efron has released another movie and it centers around the world of electronic dance music. It did not do well during its opening weekend.

Sure, there has been some publicity out there for Efron’s new movie We Are Your Friends but it was not intriguing enough to draw movie-goers to the box office. It apparently features electronic dance music to draw in the crowd since EDM is seen as “trending.” What this comes to show is that not everything that trends should be made into a movie. They probably should have left the EDM to the fans to appreciate.

Go through the article to read the possible reasons on why the movie tanked.

Zac Efron believes his new movie, We Are Your Friends, is his generation’s version of Saturday Night Fever, but it’s looking more like a lead balloon than a disco ball. It opened this past weekend to $1.8 million in the U.S.—what Variety calls “one of the lowest wide-release debuts for a major studio film in history.” The story of an aspiring DJ and laptop producer, it aims to connect with millennials entranced by ubiquitous electronic dance music (EDM). Instead, it raises the question: Has EDM killed the dance movie?


In contrast, We Are Your Friends works with an ultra-commercialized genre (or really, a brash, subtlety-free distillation of many long-standing electronic genres) that’s everywhere now—from our sporting events to our clubs to our radios to our movie scores; when the protagonist, Efron’s Cole Carter, plays tunes, it’s almost as if he’s just cranking up the soundtrack. Cole is trying to get a foothold on the epicentre of a huge global industry (which last year, the Association for Electronic Music valued at $6.2 billion U.S.)—not exactly fertile ground for rebellion.

StreeXB would like to thank Macleans for the article. Click here to read the story behind the flop.

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