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Taylor Swift definitely topped herself as she invites Phoebe Buffay to sing the famous tune with her.

When you think of all of Phoebe Buffay’s songs from Friends we all know which song sticks out.

Come on, you know all the lyrics.

Well, you can at least sing the chorus.

Taylor Swift has done it again! Her concerts continue to surprise her audiences and astound the public at the same time. Since some of us do not get the chance to watch her in concert, we are waiting for what Swift does next. She has brought on surprise guests to her concerts to perform with her. From Ellen DeGeneres to Justin Timberlake, the list is never-ending. Lisa Kudrow is the latest to join the bill of stars. Both Kudrow and Swift bring back “Smelly Cat” and blow up the internet.

See below for the performance of a lifetime.


Taylor Swift surprised concertgoers at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles yesterday by inviting Friends star Lisa Kudrow onto the stage for a very special duet.

The singer was wrapping up her five night run at the stadium when Kudrow took the stage, dressed much like the character Phoebe Buffay which made her famous more than a decade ago.









The pair sang the song to non-stop roars from the crowd, but not without an interruption from Kudrow. “I’m sorry, that was good, but um… you have to really feel the lyrics,” Kudrow said, after cutting Swift off before the chorus.


StreeXB extends special thanks to nineMSN for this great article. Click here to find the videos of the awesome duet!

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